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R. J. Neuhaus on C. S. Lewis and the Public Square

A blast from the past: In 1998, Richard John Neuhaus wrote an article which touches on Lewis’ book Miracles. It was entitled “C. S. Lewis in the Public Square,” and you can read it here: . Neuhaus speculates how C. … Continue reading

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When it’s good to escape

While reading “On Science Fiction” recently, I was intrigued with a paragraph in which Lewis talks about the kind of positive effect Sci-Fi stories can have on us.  He was answering the objection that people who read fantasy are reading … Continue reading

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The Shallower the Better

I recently read someone who complained of the shallowness of Dr. Ransom in Lewis’ science fiction novels.  It seems that Lewis kept him shallow on purpose. In his essay “On Science Fiction,” Lewis says that, in a good sci-fi story, … Continue reading

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Lewis on “Scientifiction”

I will soon be leading a discussion on what Lewis would have probably said – based on his writings – about aspects of the Star Wars saga.  The Facebook event page is here.  I thought I’d compile info about Lewis … Continue reading

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